Under review

  • Voting for policy when it matters: How government alternation shapes voter incentives to engage in compensational voting (with Francesco Zucchini)
  • When do elite messages move public opinion? Party cues and issue complexity in Brexit negotiations (with Magdalena Staniek)
  • Patterns of intra-government conflict and democratic accountability (with Sylvia Kritzinger)
  • The effects of cross-cutting exposure on populist and anti-immigrant attitudes (with Hyunjin Song)

Working papers

  • The causes and consequences of perceived intra-party conflict (with Sylvia Kritzinger)
  • Citizens’ preferences on government formation: a pre- and post-election test (with Jakob-Moritz Eberl)
  • A Voting Experiment on the Input and Output of Electoral Systems and Voter Satisfaction (with Andrè Blais)
  • Values dilemma or democratic compromise? The case of welfare entitlements for native citizens and immigrants